Open call: Workshops Form

Thank you very much for your interest in collaborating to make this Media Party edition an amazing experience.

Please take a few minutes to complete this form, and answer as specifically as you can. In doing so, you will not only improve your proposal's chances to be selected; it also helps us to concieve a better and wellbalanced event experience.

We plan to share decisions before August 15th.

On behalf of the Media Party co-organizers team: THANK YOU!

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Give a cool descriptive title for your workshop proposal. Take into account that your workshop should develop new skills or aptitudes to attendees, or should intend to improve or change them.

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Explain how it will work (topics, dynamic, edicational objectives and type of approach) regarding how long you consider it should last (next field). We’re inspired in the Mozilla Festival. So, think workshops from 2 or 3 hours to teach something to use (e.g.: How to use OpenRefine) or to make (e.g.: How to build on D3.js), or also can think on how to use a method or design thinking workshops (e.g.: Building your new second screen app). There would be 20 or 30 attendees -in an informal atmosphere- and you MUST think on what to do if Internet goes down. IMPORTANT NOTE: WE'D LOVE IF YOUR WORKSHOP -OR ONE OF ITS ACTIVITIES OR A GROUP OF ATTENDEES LED BY YOU- CONTINUE IN THE HACKATHON. SO TRY TO START A PROJECT AND FINISH IT AT THE HACKDAY. Your proposal will be considered before August 14th when we will pushlished the results at the HHBA's meetup group.

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Workshop's outcome:

What's the expected result of the workshop, and how can you continue developing it at the hackathon. If you could not imagine how or do not find chances to do so, write it here too.

Requirements for your workshop:

Would you need something -from the organization team- for your workshop? Please, describe it. (e.g. special room, elements, equipment or conditions)