The Media Fair Showroom Form: Postulate Your Initiative

Thank you very much for your interest in collaborating to make this Media Party edition an amazing experience.

The Media Fair is one of the main activities at the Media Party. It is an inspirational showcase path where creators or relatives exhibit their prototypes, services, tools or data journalism products, civic apps or media innovation initiatives.

A hot place for networking and one-to-one exchange. Each initiative will have room for 1 or 2 laptops and 2 collaborators in shared table.

Fixed day: It will take place on Wednesday 13th from 12 PM to 2 PM.

The call for proposals will end on August 13th. We plan to share decisions 1 week later.

On behalf of the Media Party co-organizers team: THANK YOU!

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The Media Fair

Get a space to display your project, prototype, data journalism product or ICT media innovation.

Name of the Media Fair project proposed: (*)

You will have a table to show your best tool, app, platform like in a Science Fair. The Media Fair is an inspirational path for visitors, a space with tables and laptops -you should bring yours- where people shows their projects, products, and share cards. It is the moment when you will have the chance to show your personal project, something that you like, or that you did. It is networking time. You -or someone else- should be available to be in the Media Fair on Wednesday September 13th from 12PM to 2PM.

Description of Media Fair project proposal: (*)

Describe the project you are proposing for the Media Fair (write at least what it is, who uses it and why for). Indicate why it has value for you, which is its grade of innovation and what impact/s it has or has had. Add any other information you consider appropriate.

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