For the registry we use a plataform called Meetup. To register please click the button below:

Once inside meetup you must enter your email and you will be associated to the Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires group. You can also register in the place before you get inside.

Apply for Workshops and Media Fair:

innovation applied to the media, storytelling, journalism research and citizen journalism.
about innovation cases in the media, news apps, tools and open data practices and initiatives.
your work and skills to meet your peers and colaborate with pioneers.

Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires

The Media Party is a three-day event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that gathers more than 2500 entrepreneurs, journalists, developers and designers from five continents to work together for the future of media. Born from Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires, this event combines big companies like The New York Times, The Guardian, Vox Media, ProPublica, Watchup, Neo4J or DocumentCloud with regional communities in the world’s biggest network of journalists and developers.

International experts of the most important and innovative media worldwide come to Media Party to share their experiences and knowledge.
Media Fair
Media Fair
An inspiring exhibition where creators show their prototypes, services, tools or data journalism products, media innovation initiatives, etc. A hotspot for networkng and face-to-face exchange with the makers.
Lightning Talks
Lightning Talks
Short and dynamic talks about innovation projects regarding journalism, media, open data and citizen participation. Focusing on how the projects were carried out and their impact. In just 5 minutes.
An opportunity to develop, improve or change abilities and skills. A space to learn about making, using, etc whitin 2 or 3 hours. There will be two tracks with 8 workshops working simultaneously in the afternoons and 1 track with 3 workshops on Thursday and Friday afternoon. They will be delivered in the mother tongue of the person in charge and they might aim at some specific profiles, might require a computer or installed software.
A Hackathon is a full working day to develop a project. Ideas are suggested and those who want to develop them during the event organize multidisciplinary teams to produce interactive stories, web tools, civic apps or innovative media. Everybody can suggest a project on the HackDash or work on the project suggested by others during the event.


Ciudad Cultural Konex

Sarmiento 3131, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where to Stay

There are many options to stay in the beautiful and trendy city of Buenos Aires: “hostel-type” accommodations, temporary apartments, room rentals, hotels of all categories, etc.

When deciding for a place to stay, please note that distances are large in this city and urban transport is not the best. To get from one neighborhood to another could take long. The Media Party will be held in the Almagro neighborhood, which is also known as “Abasto”. If possible, we recommend staying in this neighborhood or the immediately close ones: Villa Crespo, Palermo, Recoleta, Centro, Boedo, Caballito.

You can also stay in the nice neighborhoods of Palermo or San Telmo but they are far from the venue. Remember that you can take the B line of the subway, Konex Cultural Center is 300m from Carlos Gardel station.

Some recommendations:

Abasto Hotel

Hotel Egipto

Hotel N’Ontue

Abasto Apartments & Suites